Project Badge l Sloth Speedway

The project badge is a woven patch + pin where all proceeds go directly towards a specific environmental initiative.

This design supports a wonderful project through The Sloth Institute in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica.

  • 100% of profits donated to the Sloth Speedways Project
  • $10 = 1.5 in woven patch + 1 in metallic button
  • $12 = 1.5 in woven patch + 1 in metallic button + 3 inch sticker

We love the badges because they're low impact (i.e. small to ship), allow for nearly every penny to go towards the cause, and hopefully the design sparks a conversation about conservation.

For International Shipping: we offer all badges for worldwide shipping on our Etsy page! (

Keep reading below for more info on the project!

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The Project

Sloths face the greatest danger when coming to the ground, and with construction growing in Costa Rica, more trees are being cut down. With this trimming and chopping, vital pathways and branch connections sloths depend on to reach food and shelter are being eliminated. Unlike other arboreal species, sloths are unable to jump from tree to tree and depend on the direct connection of branches to travel among the canopy. Without these connections, sloths are forced to go to the ground where they often face threats to their survival.

A Sloth Speedway is a non-invasive rope connection formed between an open space in the forest canopy. To construct these, no damage is caused to the trees with the hope that one day the branches will recover their growth and the speedway can be moved to a new location. Follow the link to read about our involvement with Sloth Speedways.

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