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We're excited to have some super talented climbers out of Costa Rica. Proceeds from our apparel help fund their official slothgrip 'sponsorships', which go towards necessary supplies like food, medicine and operational costs of their donation supported homes.

The team lives & trains with two organizations - The Sloth Institute (TSI) and Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR). Both are fantastic organizations working hard to help protect and care for wildlife beyond sloths. Check out their sites to learn more about the wonderful work they're doing!

While we may not be winning any speed climbing awards, if they add medals for enthusiasm or attitude, we'll be heavy favorites at Tokyo 2020.

We also have a growing group of honorary sloths, who can be found hanging around the branches, crags and gyms. We're super proud to have them in the family. Shoot us a note on Instagram if you're ever in the neighborhood and looking to climb (really)!