Our Origins

Slothgrip is a single person organization run out of a storage unit in Brooklyn, New York. 

It began in 2017, after a trip to the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center. The idea was simple. What if we "sponsored" sloths in the rescue center as our climbers and created a fun way to support conservation efforts through the climbing community?

We designed a logo, created some project badges that raise money for specific initiatives like the Sloth Speedways, and started slowly spreading the idea through gyms and crags.

In our first three years, we funded two trips delivering over 1,000 meters of retired climbing rope to be hung as bridges for wildlife.

Our Future 

Slothgrip will forever continue to support conservation initiatives in Costa Rica, but we also hoping to inspire projects closer to home.

We purchased a large quantity of shirts just before the world shut down in 2020. Rather than try to sell these, we are looking to donate them in whatever way can bring the most good to climbers, gyms and their communities.

Whether it's a park cleanup, a letter writing campaign, a fundraiser or a community specific initiative, we're up for helping any cause that makes the planet or its people a better place.

Please shoot a note to info@slothgrip.com if you're a gym or climber who would like to be involved!

Help Us Stick Around

We'll be honest... Instagram is our only connection to our customers, so if that goes away so do we.

We rarely email, but when we do it's a good deal or an exciting bit of news.