Slothy Shipping: To reduce trips outside, we're shipping every~2-weeks.

We've done our best to answer some of the questions we receive most often, but if your question is not below, just shoot us a note to or use the 'message us' button at the bottom of this page.

Where can you ship to?

At the moment, we offer shipping anywhere within the US and Canada. We know there are sloth fans around the globe, but we’re still too small a shop for worldwide shipping to work. However, we can ship the project badges abroad from our Etsy store here!

Do you support sloths?

Absolutely. We give 100% of profits from Project Badges to their initiatives, as well as ‘sponsoring’ sloths as members of our official climbing team. As of September 2018, we’re proud to say we’ve given over 40% of our profits to support our partners and the great work they do.

When can we see more gear?

Hopefully soon! We’d love to say our slow speed is just an appreciation of sloth culture, but at our size each new product is big deal. We’re excited to expand into more projects, climbing equipment and apparel (hoodies, youth sizes, etc.) and will share updates on Instagram or monthly newsletter.

What’s your return policy?

Great question! We’re always happy to help with returns or exchanges. Our packaging is reusable, so just shoot us a quick message from the site and we’ll provide the address and instructions for sending back the gear. We’ll provide full refunds on the items and free shipping on exchanges.

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